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Lorelei was good at causing a stir: she was new in the whole Wizarding World (in England at least), having grown up as close to half-and-half as possible in the United States. So she saw nothing weird in wearing street clothes (purple shorts, teal wifebeater, chuck taylors) in Diagon Alley, looking over the quills in a shop window. She'd be needing them, and while she rather preferred pens, she'd go with the tradition.

Still, the next window over had some awesome looking candy--and of course she was interested in that. She had no idea what a pumpkin pasty was, but it sounded interesting, at least.

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31/7/16 18:24 (UTC)
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He's been doing some shopping too, now that his name has been cleared and he can go outside in safety again. He refuses to move into the house on Grimmauld Place (although he has offered it to Dumbledore for Order headquarters) so he's just bought himself a small cottage like he had before Azkaban, and now he needs to fill it.

Which doesn't mean he isn't going to stop by the candy store too, He hasn't been in one of those in years.

"You should give them a try."

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2/8/16 01:47 (UTC)
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"Trying one is the best way to find out." He's not sure he could describe one, anyway. So he recommends trying one.

"I grew up in London. I've just recently moved back to the city after some time away." She doesn't appear to know who he is, which means he probably wasn't plastered all over the news in other countries like he was in Britain. Which is something.

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6/8/16 22:35 (UTC)
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He steps inside the door, then turns to hold it for her as she comes inside.  “I wouldn’t use the word Muggle too loudly around here,” he advises her.  Personally he doesn’t care what someone’s background is, which was the source of endless conflict with his family, and he knows there are plenty of others who feel the same way.  But he also knows there are plenty of people who would prefer it if all Muggles and anything having to do with them ceased to exist entirely.  He remembers the last war; he knows that things will get a lot worse and it’s probably better not to poke that particular hornet’s nest.

“So you’re an exchange student this year?”  This must be a new program.  He doesn’t remember anything like that from his own time at Hogwarts.

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11/8/16 02:38 (UTC)
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"Personally, I don't have anything against them. There are many who don't. But there are also plenty who think that having magical ability makes us better than those who don't, and anybody born to Muggle parents isn't worthy of studying magic."

Not like it's any secret to the Death Eaters what his opinions on the matter are. Sirius Black is almost as well-known a blood traitor as the Weasleys. But that doesn't mean he should ask for trouble when in the company of a stranger.

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12/8/16 02:44 (UTC)
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"Oh all of the purebloods left are related to each other in one way or another. My parents were second cousins." He's just lucky that his parents never tried to make him marry one of his cousins. If he'd stuck around long enough, he's sure they would have tried to influence his choice in one way or another.

"As far as I know, no one knows when the first traces of magic appeared. Farther back than anyone has been able to trace."


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